Raytrack — Engineering beyond sight


Development of systems for non-destructive measurements and inspections with active sensors (radars) and passive sensors (antennas) in radio frequency bands.


Integrated system (hardware and software) for optical and thermographic data acquisition of wind turbines in motion (without stopping), with laser technology

H2 Dron Energy Galicia

Production of electrical energy through Hydrogen fuel cells for UAVs and USVs

Avión VTOL de UAVWorks


A versatile, functional and very efficient drone. Vertical takeoff aircraft with up to 5 times more autonomy and range than any multi-copter.

Plataforma Data-Analytics ADS-B


Development of a data analysis platform on which advanced functionalities based on ADS-B technology will be integrated.



Optimized design and additive manufacturing of structural parts of UAVs in order to reduce their weight and increase their flight range.


Development of payloads for UAVs to establish stable contact between the air vehicle and a vertical structure. This payload will allow non-destructive inspection tasks based, for example, on ultrasound.


Georeferenced data capture device, with multisensor character and capacity to be embarked in multiplatform, as a modular and complete hardware-software solution that allows a data capture control and basic integration/processing


Development of a radar payload for lightweight drones, capable of penetrating materials such as brick or cement Thus, it will allow the search for victims buried under rubble in scenarios such as earthquakes.

Venturi. Solucións integrais con avións VTOL

Provides the energy and public sector with comprehensive data acquisition solutions using unmanned aerial vehicles, designed on the basis of customer requirements

Drone Velutina 2.0


Service of detection, neutralization and destruction of Asian wasp nests applying RPAs technology

IXO Carbon Composites


Design and manufacture of aeronautical structures, reinforcements and chassis for drones, made of ultra-light and resistant composite material



Application of autonomous and robotized unmanned vehicles to the health sector for the logistics and distribution to pharmacies or other locations, of medicines and other pharmaceutical products under the conditions required for each product (temperature, humidity, etc.)


Manufacture of encapsulated solar assemblies (photovoltaic panels) using compound manufacturing technologies so that they can be moulded into non-flat surfaces (e.g. aircraft wings)



Cloud platform with SW tools and utilities aimed at facilitating the management, operation and administration of a RPAS operator's usual activity, which allows processing tasks to be automated and results to be generated efficiently.



Integration of artificial vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in small, high-precision, on-board camera UAVs for industrial process and environmental spill inspection.



Reliable, safe and certifiable flight control system for UAVs Its application is the autonomous control of any type of UAV for any type of mission: traffic management, security and defence, air taxis...



UAV developed for large surface photogrammetric applications, with up to 10 hours of autonomy, allowing fully automatic photogrammetric missions of more than 1000 Ha/day.



Integral tool for the integration of drones in Operation and Maintenance of industrial facilities. It creates a work environment that facilitates the use of drones, plans operations, manages and processes data for complex analyses.

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